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Find balance with Fundamental Meal.

Our plant-based meal is designed to energize your mind and satiate your body by providing essential nutrition sourced from only delicious natural ingredients.

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Nourish your whole self.

To thrive, our minds and bodies need over 25 diverse nutrients each day. Fundamental Meal makes it effortless.


Whole Food Ingredients

Brown Rice
Brown Rice

Combined with yellow peas to provide a full spectrum amino acid protein

Rich Cocoa
Rich Cocoa

Antioxidants and natural caffeine

Coconut MCT Oil
Coconut MCT Oil

Easily digestible energy for physical and mental aptitude

Hemp Seed Oil
Hemp Seed Oil

Balanced omega 3 & 6 source

Reviews from Thingtesting

I recently tried BASAL as I love the benefits and am trying to go plant-based. Appreciate that they only use real food ingredients.
Was a bit unsure what it would taste like but it was yum. I make mine with oat or almond milk and its lovely. It gives me so much energy! Cant fault it.

New York

I recently switched to a fully plant-based diet and found it difficult to meal prep each day. Incorporating BASAL into my daily routine has been a great time saver in the morning. It has a really pleasant chocolatey flavour too.

Sylvia G

I have been using Basal for over 3 months. It has totally changed my routine. I no longer binge on unhealthy snacks in between meals. The flavor really goes well with banana. This is the best I have tried till date especially for vegan.

Harpreet K
North York

About Us

Made in Toronto, designed by founders James and Anastasia.

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