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About Us

Founded by James and Anastasia in Toronto, CanadaLaunched in 2021, we decided to combine our unique backgrounds in neuroscience and sustainable materials engineering towards designing an effortless meal that can promote everyday wellbeing.


What does it mean to feel good?

The way that you feel is an indication of the state of your body.

Emotions are a compass to guide behaviour.

By understanding & listening to what our emotions are trying to tell us, we can navigate ourselves towards practices that support our body which in turn will drive us towards feeling good.

A multitude of factors affect how your body is doing.

The food we eat is fundamental to how well our bodies function and process energy.

We want to help you feel good everyday.

We designed Fundamental Meal to support your body's daily function with a variety of essential nutrients.

We believe in balancing both fundamental and experiential practices as part of your daily lifestyle.

To us, fundamental activities are those that directly support your body - eating well, sleeping well, and being active. In contrast, experiential ones may not directly support your body's physiology but have other positive implications like reinforcing social bonds such as with celebrating an occasion with cake.

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