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Frequently Asked Questions

About Fundamental Meal

Simply put, Fundamental Meal is a high-quality, plant-based powder that can be easily blended with water or plant-based milk to make a drinkable meal that provides your body with a balance of all essential nutrients.

Fundamental Meal has a delicious malt chocolate flavour with a subtle sweetness and a luxuriously smooth texture.

The intensity of the flavour and thickness can be adjusted by either increasing or decreasing the water or m*lk content.

Fundamental Meal can be used by anyone who is interested in incorporating nutritious meals into their everyday lifestyle.

Many people find the preparation required for their daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner to be very time consuming, and will reach for "convenient" options that do not prioritize health, resulting in you feeling sluggish or fatigued after consuming.

Our product supports your body's physiology by providing complete and balanced nutrition with high-quality ingredients, helping you feel satiated, energized and uplifted.

Learn more on our Benefits & Ingredients page.

Yes, Fundamental Meal is designed to be eaten as your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. One serving is formulated to be nutritionally complete and satiating, however, you can adjust the serving portions to your liking.

If you would like to use the product as a nutritious snack instead, simply split the serving volume in half to 100 ml and adjust the amount of liquid added accordingly.

Click here to view the essential nutrient contributions of each ingredient.

Click here to view our complete Nutrition Facts.

Though we encourage the practice of eating Fundamental Meals everyday, we do not believe all meals should be replaced and that other meals, experiential ones, serve an important role in our lives.

The general concept of a fundamental meal is one that offers high nutritional density in a simple format that allows for easy consumption, is generally more efficient, and has less associated waste. Though these meals are humble, they are immensely satiating and can be eaten everyday as they are well balanced.

An experiential meal is on the other end of the spectrum. It requires more time and resources to prepare, may or may not be as nutritious, but offers more social value. An experiential meal maybe represented as a celebratory feast, going for ice cream on a hot summer's day, or simply preparing a Sunday dinner as a reason to sit down with family after a busy week.

We believe in both forms of eating.

Fundamental Meal is proudly made in Toronto, Canada. We primarily source our ingredients from North America, with the exception of cocoa that is certified as sustainable and fair trade.

Generally speaking, plant-based food produces lower carbon emissions versus food containing meat or dairy over its lifecycle.

Since Fundamental Meal is naturally less perishable, it contributes less food waste than many ingredients found in your fridge.

Fundamental Meal is made in small batches and primarily sold directly to our customers, meaning we do not over produce and have limited waste caused by unsold inventory.

Learn more here.

Shipping, Returns, and Currency

All orders are shipped from Ontario, Canada.

We ship free across Canada on all orders. For orders to the US, we charge a flat fee of $6 USD.

We aim to fulfill all orders within 24 to 48 hours of purchase and ship exclusively with Canada Post and USPS.

To learn more, view our policy here.

Due to limitations with our website backend, we are currently only able to support USD at this time.

We anticipate that in Summer 2022 will be able to support additional currencies including CAD.

About Daily Ritual Subscriptions

Daily Ritual is an option to order our Fundamental Meal as a recurring subscription. This means that you will automatically be shipped product to your door at a frequency of your choosing. You also receive the benefit of 10% off all recurring orders.


You can only access a Daily Ritual subscription account if you have selected Daily Ritual when placing an order.

For your first time logging in, open the menu on the left and select the login link. Select the "click here" link below the text "Need help accessing your subscriptions?". You will be prompted to submit the same email used when placing your order.

You will be emailed a link that allows you to create a password for your subscription account. After creating your password, your subscription account will be available.


Use the login link in the main menu to the left. Once you have logged in, you will be brought to the "My Account" page. Select "Manage Subscription".

You will be redirected to the subscription management platform where you will be able to do several things, including:

• Change your subscription frequency

• Modify the scheduled date of your next order

• Increase or reduce the number of items in your subscription

• Pause or cancel your subscription

If you have any questions or need assistance managing your Daily Ritual, contact us here.

Yes! When you login to your subscription account, you will see the option to add products.

If you select Daily Ritual when placing your order of the Fundamental Meal • Welcome Kit, you will first receive one half month bag and our essential tumbler. Your subscequent recurring orders will automatically default to a half month bag but you can change this if you would like to receive a bigger volume instead.

Yes! These options are available when you login to your subscription account.

You can also change your subscription frequency or move your upcoming subscription date forward or back.