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We believe in promoting the accessibility of a plant-based diet which is why we have formulated Fundamental Meal using only the highest quality ingredients available, while also taking into consideration other important factors such as taste, affordability, and convenience. 

Helping to steer individuals away from the daily intake of meat and dairy products for their essential nutritional needs is just one of the ways that Fundamental Meal helps to promote climate conscious consumption, as recommended by the UN.

When sourcing our ingredients, we always prioritize local suppliers with the majority of our ingredients grown and sourced in North America. Our cocoa, an ingredient that cannot be grown in North America, is certified traceable and sustainable under the Cocoa Horizons foundation. 


"In the United States, food waste is estimated at between 30–40 percent of the food supply." - FDA

The low-moisture powdered format of our Fundamental Meal nutrient blend allows for reduced perishability and longer stability. 

Fundamental Meal is made in small batches and primarily sold directly to our customers, meaning we do not over produce and have limited waste caused by unsold inventory.


We have chosen to package Fundamental Meal in bulk pouches as to avoid the waste associated with single-serving packaging. We also provide a reusable tumbler that can be used to measure and prepare our meals and eliminated the need for single-use plastic measuring scoops that are typically associated with powdered supplements.

We use recyclable cardboard boxes, void fill, and packaging tape for shipping our product. Although we hope to use suitable compostable or recyclable pouches for containing our product when available in the future, there are currently no options available that provide the necessary air-barrier that we require to keep our product shelf-stable and fresh. To avoid unwanted food waste, we have made the choice to use kraft bags with a poly-liner for the time being. As new eco-solutions become available on the market, we are committed to moving towards more sustainable packaging.